Welcome to HDS (Hospitality Dietary Solution). HDS implements efficient and effective workflow within Aged Care Catering industry. Our team members have been working in Hospitality Industry for over 15 years & possess over 10 years of experience in Aged Care Sector.

We specialise in providing Dietary System, Automated Food Safety Systems, Automated Labeling System, Procurement System, Time & Motion Study/Catering Consulting & Catering Services to aged cares. With increased Paperwork & legislative requirements in aged care industry, it is imperative to implement a computer system that is advanced, user friendly, efficient, effective &  yet cost effective.

Our Computer systems are designed by aged care industry experts & chefs. The systems are very user friendly,  easy to learn &  very advanced in terms of technology. Our aim is to eliminate 90% of paperwork in aged care industry and provide most up-to-date information to our users at any given time from anywhere.

We provide following services

  • HDS – A complete Digital Dietary system for Catering
  • iMonitor - Cogent Digital Food Safety & Auditing System
  • iLabeling - Automated Labeling System
  • Orderline – Streamline Ordering & invoicing procedures
  • Catering Consulting – complete restructure of catering, establish an effective & efficient workflow in catering
  • Function Catering – Catering for Cocktail / Xmas Party