8 Ways Technology Has Improved Senior Care

8 Ways Technology Has Improved Senior Care

Look back some 10 – 15 years ago and you would never spot a foolproof aged care system for the elderly. But today, with the advent of latest technologies and intervention of medical experts in the aged care software systems the condition has changed drastically.

For years, the seniors were managed manually; there was a doctor for a regular check-ups, a nurse to look after them, and a family member. The treatment was dependent on a number of factors. Innovative technologies have surpassed time and the current seniors are provided with great care with and without the presence of humans around.

Let us look at how technology has changed the aged care scenario in the world.

1. Internet of (Medical) Things

This simply means the connection of medical devices that are turned on and off with the help of an internet connection. It facilitates sharing of data and helps medical professionals to connect with each other.

2. GPS services

The GPS services is a real boon to the world. With the help of satellites, we are able to track the location of patients and send help.

3. Cameras

Have you heard about the term elder abuse? If yes then the cameras and surveillance systems are helping the consultants to observe the condition of elders and set them free from any such abuse.

4. Phone apps

For the elderly, phone apps can help in ordering their medicines, take an appointment with the doctor, call the taxi to their doorstep and so on. Phone apps are one of the great technological advancements in today’s world

5. Virtual/Robot Assistants

By virtual assistance, we mean those devices that help the elders to track their medical records, check their progress, and know about their physical and mental condition etc. without the presence of any human being. 

6. Emergency Response Services

The Emergency Response Services (ERS) has been serving the seniors for decades. Seniors face real threat when they encounter a road accident or get hurt while reaching somewhere and are alone. The ERS along with the GPS help the family to track the status.

7. Patches/Implants

With the help of advanced patches and implants, numerous health issues pertaining to the elderly can be sorted. For instance, the elderly are prone to type 2 diabetes and by installing continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), the patient can track the amount of glucose consumed. These are preventive measures to avoid dire repercussions of the condition.

8. Dietary Management Solution

Last but not the least, the dietary management solution is helping the elders and the hospital management to keep them healthy and fit. These dietary management solutions are significant and the families and the hospital staff can rely on them for the diet of the elders.