Benefits of Automated Food Labeling System

Benefits of Automated Food Labeling System

An automated food labeling system is an effective nutrition label maker that enables the hospitality department to keep track of the nutrition being served to the aged people. As far as the hospitality industry is concerned, the food labeling should be accurate and there is no scope of errors. The department must abide by the laws of the food safety law and the nutrition label maker will help the team incorporate the right elements with the food served.

The automated food labeling has come up as a huge benefit to the hospitality industry where the busy kitchen duties are sorted well. The notable features of this system are:

1. LCD touch screen Label Printing System

It is a touch and print label system where a number of labels can be printed on a single touch. This system is quite effective and saves a lot of time as a number of labels are printed within seconds.

2. Preload upto 11000 Labels

Imagine how beneficial it would be when you have all the labels predefined in a system. This is possible with an automated food labeling system where as much as 11000 labels can be stored and reused as and when required.

3. Auto Calculate Prep and use by date

With this automated food labeling system, there is no scope of human error. To further avoid errors, the system utilizes prep & use by date so that the labels are updated automatically and there is no need for human intervention.

4. Direct Thermal Printing

This automated food labeling is ideal because you do not need any cartridge to be added to a printer to print the labels. It labels the food with the help of digital printing that is harmless and quite cost-effective.

5. Customized Labels

You would be astounded to know that there are 14 different kinds of labels are available with this system such as nutrition labels, allergens information, price tags, ingredients labels and much more.

6. No internet or any IT set up required

It is an easy and simple plug-and-play device. A department just needs to install it once and it can be used without any internet. Enjoy its flawless performance hassle-free and enhance aged care hospitality manifolds.

7. Cost saver

After giving all the above features, do we even need to explain this point? The Labeling system is a real cost saver. You can save on your labour cost, printing cost and much more. This is a revolutionary idea to streamline your aged care system.