At HDS, we provide catering consulting to establish efficient and effective work systems in aged care kitchens. With over 12 years of work experience in aged care catering, we specialise in setting up aged care kitchens from scratch and can help implement efficient routine in already established kitchen.


At HDS, we specialize in providing catering consulting to aged care facilities in Australia. Our team possesses extensive range of experience in the Aged Care industry. Some of our team members have worked in aged care sector for over 40 years. Our aim is to implement efficient and cost-effective catering procedures and deliver high standards of services to your residents.

We strongly believe in setting a solid foundation in the catering department to meet our client’s expectations and ensure residents satisfaction. Food service is one of the major areas in aged care and needs exclusive attention and resource allocation. Our team of experts determine the basic requirements of an aged care kitchen and together with your management we work to develop rosters (within budget) work schedules, conduct staff training, suppliers’ contracts, menu design, Food Safety Standards and implementation, efficient workflow, and great team culture.

We pride ourselves in implementing highly efficient catering procedures that yields maximum output from the allocated resources. HDS team not only focuses on kitchen operations but also provides hands on training to give your residents a great “Dining Experience”. To offer great food and services to residents, it is imperative to make sure that there is an uninterrupted & smooth workflow from sourcing the ingredients to the serving of meals.

HDS guarantees to build an outstanding catering team that will be able to deliver an exceptional service to the residents and maintain the highest food safety standards

Key Focus areas