Foodborne illness in old aged people

At a certain older age, we all know the body doesn’t allow to work as much as in the younger age. The immunity system, body system, and the organs are not very strong to fight against bacteria. The illness caused by bacterias, viruses, parasites present in the food items is known as foodborne illness or food poisoning. These bacterias, viruses or parasites faster the contaminating process in consumable food items.  As a result, elderly people are more likely to fall ill, may be hospitalized or in the worst condition, they lose their lives. Aged Care Software System has been proved to be a great source maintaining data of the food served to aged people. Which is an ultimate guide to prevent foodborne diseases in old aged people by the thorough study of their food plans.

Foodborne Diseases and prevention

Foodborne illness is an illness occurring from the food decomposition of contaminated food, bacteria, viruses, or parasites that contaminate food, toxins which are conceivably mortal for elderly people because of weakened immune systems. An upset stomach, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and dehydration, severe illness are the symptoms of food poisoning or foodborne illness. They should be taken extra care by avoiding these foods such as Raw or rare meat, scallops, raw or undercooked eggs, raw sprouts, unpasteurized milk, soft cheese or unpasteurized cheese, refrigerated pates or meats, etc.

Food safety Supervisors – designers of food plans for old aged people

A Food Safety Supervisor plays a vital role in preventing foodborne illness in old aged people. They flag to food served to old aged people with a goal to restrict food safety violations. They scrutinize and monitor the food quality while implementing a Food Safety Program or they can get the help of the Aged Care Software System, a software which helps caretakers and food safety supervisors to maintain food records and to design food safety plans for older aged people. The duties fall into the scope of work of a Food Safety Supervisor are:

  • Food safety supervisors cultivate the culture of safe food handling practices among the staff members in a cost-effective manner.
  • They prevent food poisoning or illness in elderly people by well-designed food safety programmes.
  • They train staff in serving safe and quality food to old aged people by safe food handling practices.
  • Food Safety Supervisors are experts, who can communicate with food suppliers for high-grade quality food and also safe and faster delivery of the same.
  • Building a bridge between old aged people and food-plan designers.

Automated Food Safety Record Systems

Systems such as iMonitor can prove to be a great tool to help not only monitor temperature but also help improve food safety standards by generating alerts and highlight any discrepancies in food safety records. iMonitor is designed by experts and experienced chefs to help address any food safety related concerns. Benefits of iMonitor are:

  • Eliminates paperwork and eco-friendly digital program to maintain food safety records and automated temperature monitoring.
  • iMonitor is a web-based application that provides flexibility and adaptability to work on various platforms (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Easily be customized to fit in unique requirements.
  • Receive notifications & Alert msgs for out of range temperature
  • Perform internal audits & corrective actions on live portal

Food safety is the paramount when it comes to aged care. Great food safety plan, experienced food safety supervisor & automated systems such as iMonitor can help prevent foodborne illness and improve food safety standards.


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Written by Chirag Joshi Founder & owner of HDS.

Chirag Joshi is the founder & owner of HDS. Chirag possesses over 12 years of experience in Aged Care industry. Having worked as an aged care chef for a long time he understands the complexity & challenges to maintain residents diet profile, food safety records, food labelling, procurement invoicing procedures & staff rostering. Chirag has also completed a Bachelor in Computing with major in multimedia & system design. He has developed number of systems to help provide efficiency in aged care and also help eliminate paperwork and manual processes.

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