FoodSafety Management Software – iMonitor Australia

FoodSafety Management Software – iMonitor Australia

iMonitor Australia is not just another software that offers Food Safety Temperature Monitoring and alerts when something goes wrong with cool rooms and freezers.

iMonitor Australia IS your own personal food safety plan in a digital form!

What this means is, we will install your existing food safety records, cleaning schedules, incoming goods forms, fridge/freezer temp records & internal audits on iMonitor Australia. Your kitchen staff will be able to sign all documents digitally and fill in records with just a tap on iPad/tablet. Food safety supervisors can check & sign records digitally, no more missing paperwork! 

iMonitor Australia is a web-based food safety management software that maintains all food safety records digitally. Paper-based records and manual entry is becoming a thing of the past. With manual data entry, there is always a risk of incomplete or incorrect records and also a huge risk of non-compliance and stock loss in the event of fridge or freezer breakdowns. iMonitor Australia covers all these aspects related to food safety.

iMonitor Australia is designed to generate corrective action in the event of insufficient or incorrect data and also sends an alert message when the corrective action is due. This feature ensures that staff are made aware of correct food safety procedures and all records are filled in efficiently. iMonitor Australia is your one online platform to store all food safety records, audits, training certificates, suppliers HACCP certification, food safety supervisors’ documents & food premise registration certificates.

♦ iMonitor Australia provides following features

  • A complete digital & automated food safety record system
  • A Bluetooth probe (BTP) that records meal temp straight on your food safety forms
  • Wi-Fi sensors in fridge/freezer provide 24/7 monitoring & alert messages
  • NO need to download records from external excel sheets or any other cloud-based software
  • Notifications when suppliers HACCP or any other registrations are due to expire
  • Notifications/Alert messages for incorrect temperature or equipment breakdown
  • Record incoming goods temps with a tap of a finger
  • Fill in cleaning schedules & meal temperature online
  • iMonitor Australia automatically calculates total time in room temperature for sandwich/salad prep to ensure high risk items are prepped & stores properly
  • Digitally sign all records
  • Perform internal audits on your iPad/tablet and store online with records of all corrective action
  • Notify staff of any food safety related messages/memos
  • Store catering staff training records & certificates on one portal
  • Store accreditation outcome, third party audit or local council audits in iMonitor Australia.

iMonitor Australia provides a great platform to manage food safety records & ensure high standards of food safety is maintained in your organisation.