HDS is not a software, Its a solution to your catering concerns

HDS is not a software, Its a solution to your catering concerns

At HDS, we pride ourselves in offering Catering Software Solutions to advance your Aged Care Catering Services. Catering Software goes hand in hand with Catering Staff to ensure Residents Profile and Dietary Requirements are met. HDS Software has been designed by Catering Industry experts with many years of hands on experience and who also have faced similar challenges in the day to day operation of Food Services. HDS is owned and operated by an Aged Care Chef who surrounds himself with Catering Industry experts that understand the needs for Catering Software in today’s age of Technology. HDS (Hospitality Dietary Solutions) is a simple to use Catering Software System, with effective and efficient advanced technologically.

So, What issues can HDS resolve.

1. Printing off hundreds of pages of paper everyday to keep up to date with Residents’  Profile and Dietary Requirements!

HDS is a complete digital system that will eliminate all your cumbersome manual paper-based lists and reports and replace them with on a fast, reliable and environment-friendly digital platform.

2. Communication or the Lack of between The Care & Catering departments – Are a thing of the Past!

HDS has developed an API to connect 3rd party software to sync same dietary information. Or HDS can use 3rd party API to establish connection.

3. Gathering Resident’s meal preferences and collating Resident’s information manually – Are a thing of the Past!

When using HDS on your mobile/tablet online devices you are able to gather Resident’s Meal Preferences together with any Dietary Information, HDS will then Instantly & Automatically filter the information from Production Reports to Lunch and Dinner Summaries.

4. Residents with specific allergies can sometimes be served the incorrect food items!

The HDS recipe integration function will Disable Meal Choices that may contravene with Residents Diet Profile (allergies information).

5. Residents’ feedback surveys about meals, customer service & menu choices are hours of work when capturing on a paper-based system, not to mention collating All Resident’s  information for 6 monthly/yearly reports!

HDS Menu Survey functionality will resolve this in no time. Capture residents’ surveys online and HDS will generate comprehensive reports & charts to maximise the information into summarises.

6. Residents’ families and friends who like to share a meal with their loved ones’ are required to book-in at reception but relying on human resources, communication can unfortunately sometimes break down, hence the booking goes missing!   

HDS allows you to book Residents’ Families and Friends meals online (in advance) the chef’s will then receive Automated Notifications about guest meals on the day and production numbers will be added automatically to ensure sufficient meals are available.

7. We have a combination of Dining-Room & In-room Service. Its hard to follow Paper-Based generated standard reports!

HDS offers to filter each report according to Resident’s Room-Tray or Dining-Room Table. Hence Specific Reports are Generated at your finger tips.

8. Our Staff are not Really Tech Savvy to adapt to New Technologies!

HDS is the Simplest & Easiest portal to Navigate. With Just the Click of a button here and there you are well on your way – Your Staff will be pleasantly surprised of HDS Simplicities.

9. We would like for Resident’s Families and Friends to get involved with helping their loved one make good meal choices and to understand how The Catering Department gathers Resident’s Dietary information. Also offering them the ability to provide Catering Specific Feedback to Management!

The HDS portal services can be extended to families for them to choose menu choices for their loved ones or provide feedback about their Residents current Catering Services. Management can share Catering Specific news & photos with families instantly.

10. Our Chef is on holidays so our Agency Chef Requires quick numbers on texture modified diets, special meal requests & some guidelines on ordering the stock!

HDS offers all the relevant information at your fingertip with some well designed, easy to follow reports. HDS estimates ingredients required, based on the number of meals required for the day. Texture Modified & Thickened Fluids reports populate the required information in no time.

11. Our Residents wish to provide a quick feedback after each Meal Service & we also need that information in a comprehensive form so as to follow up any corrective actions!

HDS offers a software function where Resident’s can use mobile devices in their Dining room or even their own technical devices to quickly rate today’s meal/services. This information gets collated in a report that is available to Management at any time to Assess Current Catering Services.

12. Management would like to know which Menu Items are the Resident’s Most Favourite Choices and which Meal Items are the Resident’s Least Favourite Choices and what Menu Items would the Resident’s like Substituted!

HDS Software offers A Preference List for Resident’s most and least favourite Meal Choices, it also allows Residents to have input into the next Cycle Menu.

13. It would be advantages if we could have a record of when A Resident’s Profile, Dietary Information is updated and which Staff Member made the changes! this information would make for part of the Resident’s Care Plans!

HDS Software has an Amendment Record for Resident’s allergies, dislikes, texture modified, thickened fluid consistency, room & wing changes. The Amendment allows for you to go back into the Record and see when the change was made, by who and on which date and at what time.

14. We usually require more tech support on weekends and public holidays when our regular tech staff are not available!

HDS offers 365 days tech support over the phone and through email. If Aged Care Catering is available 365 days a year, then Catering Software Support should also be available!

HDS offers your Catering Services the Software Systems that have been sorely missing in the Aged Care/Hospitality Industry.

Please don’t fall behind with Catering Technology Software – Contact HDS and receive a Free Demo Online or in Person.

It certainly will make you realize what the Industry has been lacking in!                                                                                                        But what A Bright Future your Catering Services will have with HDS Software Systems’