How Aged Care Software Vendors Can Ease Your Pain?

Before we start explaining something else, we would like to tell you that the aged care software vendors have eased out the process of the aged care facilities up to a great extent. The entire manual work of the aged care facilities is being handled by the digital software. This has minimized the manual errors, the salary of the admin staff and it has saved a lot of time that can be utilized for looking after the aged people.

That being said, the usage of technology in aged care is quite common. The aged care service providers are easily relying on the automated chairs and tables to lift the residents. Companion robots are being provided to the residents in place of a reliable pet to people with dementia and various software are being used for accurate documentation of the entire medical information. All these facilities are supplied to the aged care facilities by the aged care vendors and this how they have eased out the pain of the aged care facilities.

Let us look at how the digital software and technologies provided by the aged care vendors has facilitated quick and faster procedures for the aged care facilities:

1. Point of Care Documentation

The facilities who are providing aged care at home residents, entering the point of care documentation via an electronic system brings along plenty of advantages. With the help of a mobile device or a tablet, the staff does not need to run to the nurses’ station at the end of the shift to update their daily clinical data. It can be done easily online. This process is easier, convenient and most importantly error-free. This technology facilitates immediate documentation and it further ensures that the daily data is being submitted on time.

2. Increased Visibility

For the aged care facilities, documentation is very important. Even for the legislative purposes, documentation is very crucial. The management should have access to the clinical data whenever there is a need. With the help of an online spreadsheet, the data is visible from any point and the management can instantly access the medical information about any resident or patient quickly.

3. Single Source of Truth

When there is only one software system prevailing, there will be not duplicacy of content. Thus, every staff of the aged care facility knows that there is one single source of information. The records are easily consolidated into one huge ledger and the same way, it is easier to access.

4. Benefits for the staff

The aged care staff has to take note of plenty of things. From the diet to the weight of the resident, from laundry to the house cleaning, from the daily exercise plan of the resident to keep a check on the amount of rest the aged person is getting; everything has to be under the aged care staff appointed. The digital clinical system eases out the task of the staff. They can update their data online and can compare the past results with the present. When the paperwork is replaced by this amazing technology, the staff is more satisfied and the aged care facility can retain their staff for a longer time.

5. Simpler ACFI management

The last but not the least, we should not forget to mention about the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) that has already come into effect. This system utilizes an effective software system to maintain funding levels. The calculations are complex and doing them without an electronic system will bound to produce human errors.

By providing these fruitful technologies the aged care vendors have turned out as a blessing for the aged care facilities.

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Written by Chirag Joshi Founder & owner of HDS.

Chirag Joshi is the founder & owner of HDS. Chirag possesses over 12 years of experience in Aged Care industry. Having worked as an aged care chef for a long time he understands the complexity & challenges to maintain residents diet profile, food safety records, food labelling, procurement invoicing procedures & staff rostering. Chirag has also completed a Bachelor in Computing with major in multimedia & system design. He has developed number of systems to help provide efficiency in aged care and also help eliminate paperwork and manual processes.

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