How to Choose the Best Aged Care and Health Care Dietary Software System to Benefit your Facility?

How to Choose the Best Aged Care and Health Care Dietary Software System to Benefit your Facility?

How to Choose the Best Aged Care and Health Care Dietary Software System to Benefit your Facility?

Residents in Aged Care Facilities are becoming increasingly older when entering an Aged Care Facility and hence more frail as their years move on. Therefore, it has become the Responsibility of Aged Care Providers to ensure their Residents are given the Correct Dietary and Nutritional Food Services available. Malnutrition and Dehydration is a major concern in Aged Care Residents and it should be identified and treated by the Very Professional Carers and with the Assistance of Catering Software Technology.

We believe that an Ageing Person’s Nutrition & Hydration could be improved based on the following themes:

  1. Ensuring each Resident is given a correct Dietary Assesment.
  2. Residents wherever possible given the opportunity to Choose from the Daily Menus.
  3. Responsibility of Care and Hospitality Staff to ensure their Residents are given every Assistance to Maintain a Balanced Diet.

Today, Aged Care Management in Australia have realized the importance Aged Care Catering Software is in providing a Catering Services that not only fulfils their Residents Expectations with Enjoyable Patable Meals but at the same time Ensuring they meet their Dietary Requirements. 

Digitised Dietary Software work independently and maintain electronic Information. Catering Software maintains Updated Resident Profiles and Dietary Requirements, Menu Selections for All Meals, Generates Notifications of Communications, all managed automatically on a Digital Platform.

The Catering Software has the ability to generate alerts regarding Residents nutritional consumption simply by Staff recording their food and fluid intake. These records can be imperative when Weight Managing of Residents and can be a great tool in avoiding Malnutrition & Dehydration of your Residents.

Of course there are multiple Aged Care Softwares available in the market and hence you need to choose the one that suits your Aged Care/Healthcare Facility the best. Below are some parameters that you may wish to consider when choosing A Catering Software System for your Facility:

Easy to understand and web – based

The first thing you should check while looking for good dietary software is that is it web based that does not need any great IT infrastructure. Web based applications are accessible anywhere at any time and offer great support and data security.

FLexible and multi-platform

Regardless of the platform, you choose to operate the software on, the software should be able to perform well. Android, windows or iOS, this software should be able to work on all the platforms with equal efficiency.


Beaware if the aged care software you are choosing accepts customization. Of course, choosing a bespoke software might be costly for you but there are many software that provide an option for customization.

Provides Data Integrity

Data is very important and your software is responsible to maintain data integrity up to a certain extent. You should pick up software that allows you to provide limited or full access to the data for your staff.

Technical support

Last but not least, the manufacturer of the software should provide the required technical support to your staff so as they can be trained in the right usage of their Software Product.

The Aged Care Catering Software from HDS Tech, Caters to all the above requirements. We are here to provide the Very Best-Aged Care Catering Software to improve the standard of living of Aged Care Residents in Australia and at the same time ensuring Your Staff have the right Tools and Training in HDS Software to deliver such outcomes. .