Automated Food Safety Record System

iMonitor is an automated food safety software for all food safety records and audit in aged care/ hospital

Easy Integration, Email and SMS Notifications from Automated Software.

iMonitor Automated Food Safety Record System

Benefits of Product

As per food safety temperature monitoring requirement aged care/hospital catering facilities need to keep temperature records up to date and accurate. iMonitor is an automated food temperature monitoring system that provides solution to fill in records digitally & automatically. Unlike various food safety management software, iMonitor records temperatures and cleaning schedules in your own food safety forms. There is no double handling of recording temperatures online and transferring the data to individual forms. iMonitor is your own complete digital food safety software program

  • Secure, User-Friendly, Easy to Learn

    Easy to use and learn web-based system that stores all food safety records digitally available anytime anywhere

  • No hectic IT integration / No Software downloads required

    Web based system requires no IT integration or software downloads. Simply Log in and Get Going

  • Eliminate Paperwork

    Monitor Fridge & Freezer temperatures automatically through our temp sensors & record meal temps directly on computer device through our unique BTP (Bluetooth Probe)

  • A complete solution from Automated Temp Monitoring to Auditing

    Record your internal Audits online and follow up on outstanding corrective actions

  • Email & SMS** notifications for temperature related alerts

    Get notified when temperature is out of range & protect stock

  • Avoid non-compliance

    Automated system prompts corrective actions when temp is not in acceptable range. Avoid noncompliance by eliminating human error & manual records

Best Features

Wireless temp sensors monitor fridge and freezer temperatures on a regular interval and upload the data on your food safety form twice a day. Sensors raise Alarms / Notification when required. If temperatures are not in defined range. Notifications can be sent via Email or SMS**. The sensors provide battery life for up to 18 months** (** battery life depends on the frequency of temp monitoring intervals). Sensors are designed to determine the extra time to put deliveries away and busy times for kitchen to avoid sending too many alarms and notifications.
A unique Bluetooth Probe (a part of food safety software) that records meal temperatures automatically in food safety form within relevant field. No need to scroll down 100s of menu items to find correct product to record temperature. Simply insert the probe into the product, check the temperature on local LCD display and press button on the probe to record the temperature. Android tablets (provided by iMonitor with probe) paired with the probe will provide live temperature record. This unique food safety software solution (BTP) is ideal to record temperature of recently arrived items.
Sign your own cleaning schedules on Android device located near your workstation/bench. iMonitor allows the staff to put digital signatures on each record. Food Safety Supervisor can sign all records digitally with a simple click on a tablet. Internal Audits can be performed in iMonitor. All corrective actions are recorded and prompt notifications when corrective actions are due. Council / Third-party auditors can be able to check any previous record instantly online.

500+ Users

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Product Screenshots

  • Combined Daily Monitoring Australia
  • Combined Daily Monitoring Victoria
  • Food Safety Internal Audit Report


  • Simon Corbett

    Hotel Services Manager - Lyndoch Living

  • Martin Sammut

    CEO - Assisi Centre

  • Annette Noyes

    Chef Manager – AdventCare Yarra Ranges

  • Nicholas Belotti

    Chef Manager - Assisi Centre


Yes. You can customize iMonitor to hold your own food safety program & Forms
Yes. iMonitor is based on Monthly Subscription.
Yes. iMonitor will send a reminder when a corrective action is due.
The sensors & Probe are supplied Pre-Calibrated. We will also calibrate them once a year and provide certification.
NO. iMonitor will hold all your food safety records online. Auditors can log in to the system and fetch particular report anytime
iMonitor will put a digital signature next to each record that you fill in. Each user has their own log in and unique digital signature
Yes. All your food safety records are kept in pdf format. You are able to download, save, print or email your records at any time

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