Improving the quality of aged care through the use of technology

Technological advancements have already played a major role in transforming our lives. Every industry for that matter is taking advantages of the latest technology and the aged care in Australia is not behind. From all the manual documentation and food labels, we have reached a stage where human errors have vanished from the core because machines are doing everything where there is simply no scope for mistakes.

Technology is important but before we move towards explaining the role of technology in developing extraordinary aged care software systems, it is important to note the following:

  1. No technology can replace the hard work and determination that an individual can put. Apart from the hard work, technology cannot replace empathy, compassion, kindness and the personal touch that only a human can provide to the aged resident.
  2. It is difficult to say that technology can provide standardised and one size fits all kind of solution in solving a myriad of challenges that are confronting the aged care such as shortage of skilled staff, complex health issues, funding costs and more.

What these new technologies do represent is a way to enhance and improve the aged care by empowering the care provides with the following:

  1. Ease of documentation.
  2. Reduced errors
  3. Increased efficiency
  4. Most importantly, provide the nursing staff with some more time and space to deliver personalised care to the residents.

A wide range of aged care software systems is being designed for specific purpose in aged care. These sets of software can help you with documentation, food labelling, tracking nutrition, and much more.

Given the current situation of age care where the nursing staff is struggling between providing personalised care to the residents along with the endless trail of paperwork, the technology could pave a way in introducing systems that can at least handle the paperwork and relieve the staff from the burden of documentation.

These software systems are becoming a rapid component in aged care facility throughout the country so that they can achieve their mission of providing quality care to all their residents. Apart from the reduction of staff burden, this software can ensure a great efficiency in recording and maintaining the records thereby providing quick access to all the resident data. The illegible manual entries are now replaced by accurate and easy to understand entries.
Same way, the electronic entries have empowered the nursing staff and they can effectively coordinate, administer and monitor all the medications provided to the residents resulting in improved resident safety.

Furthermore, the flow of information between various aged care communities has also gone easier.

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Written by Chirag Joshi Founder & owner of HDS.

Chirag Joshi is the founder & owner of HDS. Chirag possesses over 12 years of experience in Aged Care industry. Having worked as an aged care chef for a long time he understands the complexity & challenges to maintain residents diet profile, food safety records, food labelling, procurement invoicing procedures & staff rostering. Chirag has also completed a Bachelor in Computing with major in multimedia & system design. He has developed number of systems to help provide efficiency in aged care and also help eliminate paperwork and manual processes.

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