Natural Ways To Ease Arthritis Pain: Food And Drinks

As discussed in previous articles, in the aged care industry, the nutrition label maker can facilitate the right nutrition labeling practice. The Arthritis patients can take benefit from this system and avoid eating those foods that may harm them further.

This blog aims to provide the reader with the information on how to cure the arthritis pain naturally. Arthritis is a severe condition and it limits the joyful activities of the person suffering from it. The person experiences pain, stiffness, swelling that makes his/her life more difficult. Minimizing the symptoms are not easy and we are here with some foods that will help you to protect your body and strengthen your muscles to fight with this severe condition:

1. Fish

Fish such as salmon, tuna help the body fight inflammation. If a senior is regularly struggling with swelling, he/she can consume more fish so that body is receiving numerous fatty acids to fight inflammation naturally. The results will appear over a period of time hence, the practice should continue for a couple of months.

2. Spices

Garlic, leeks and onions help in preserving cartilage. Consuming these spices it will prevent the cartilage damaging enzymes from breaking the joints. Use fresh garlic instead of the dehydrated or powdered garlic. One can increase the intake of turmeric as it is a natural inflammation fighter.

3. Veggies

As per the arthritis foundation, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage have been proven to reduce the cartilage damage. The study is still in its infancy but it is never wrong to add more colorful veggies to your regular diet. You can try some iceberg, mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes and roasted sprouts for chips. When you eat healthy, your health will definitely improve.

4. Tart Cherries

These cherries cannot be eaten alone due to their tartness but these juicy cherries have proved to reduce the stiffness and pain caused by osteoarthritis. Bottles of tart cherries are readily available in the organic food stores. The tart juice can be mixed with ice cream, green tea or other juices. As the flavor is quite powerful, a small portion will go a long way.

5. Soybeans and Oils

When one cannot consume fish for his/her disliking or non-availability in the region, the senior can consume soybean as a substitute. Tofu is made of soybean and it is readily available at all the departmental stores. You might find tofu a little bland and soft in taste but amalgamating it with right spices, it can definitely taste better.

6. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is proved to have reduced the effect of osteoarthritis. This simply means that it will slow down the wear and tear of the cartilage and the bone. The symptoms will not disappear however, it will help to prevent further damage. There are several natural sources of Vitamin C are available like melons. Limes, cantaloupe and so on.

7. Beverages

In addition to the foods above, natural juices, fresh smoothies shall help you placate the pain caused by arthritis up to a great extent. Nothing can reduce the damage but consuming the right nutrition will provide your body with the required strength to fight with the condition.

Many automated aged care systems can help identify the right nutritional value from standard recipes and Automated Labeling Systems can help produce such labels instantly in a very cost effective way.

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Written by Chirag Joshi Founder & owner of HDS.

Chirag Joshi is the founder & owner of HDS. Chirag possesses over 12 years of experience in Aged Care industry. Having worked as an aged care chef for a long time he understands the complexity & challenges to maintain residents diet profile, food safety records, food labelling, procurement invoicing procedures & staff rostering. Chirag has also completed a Bachelor in Computing with major in multimedia & system design. He has developed number of systems to help provide efficiency in aged care and also help eliminate paperwork and manual processes.

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