Save Your Time, Money And Energy With This Exceptional Food Temperature Monitoring

Save Your Time, Money And Energy With This Exceptional Food Temperature Monitoring

Whether it be a Hotel, Restaurant, Café or other food services such as Aged Care Facilities where fresh perishable foods are prepared and served for Customers or Residents, food temperature monitoring systems is a must. This method saves time, money and  resources of your employees. Find out how.

Food Temperature Monitoring saves time

ALL Food Premises are required to have a Food Safety Programme relating to their business. These programmes together with their temperature recording sheets, have previously been paper-based for years, but now with today’s technology – Food Temperature Monitoring Systems – recording temperatures manually thankfully are a thing of the past. These systems self records refridgeration/freezer and hot and cold foods which allows catering staff to do what they were employed for that being Customer Service. The hospitality industry is heavily policed where food safety is implemented, proper food storage and temperature is an important aspect, hence Software Sensors make it possible to reduce the manual checking and documentation and replace it with an Automation Software System that takes the human error out of play. The System will also send SMS Alerts to the Staff directly from the Software.

Food Temperature Monitoring saves energy

When using an Automated Temperature Monitoring System the perishable items are tracked to ensure correct temperatures are maintained. The food items are stored at a correct temperature, allowing businesses to only needing to keeping the refridgeration/freezers at the required temperatures. Hence only needing to produce the energy source that is required to keep the food items at a safe temperature thereby making it energy efficient. By adjusting the right temperature even by 2 or 3 degrees, the businesses can make great money savings on the energy previously consumed.

This way, businesses can act as a catalyst to change and save the environment from unnecessary carbon emissions.

Food Temperature Monitoring Saves Money

It is obvious that when the businesses can cut down on the energy, they will surely cut down on their utility bills. The funds saved from the bill payments could be further utilised to fund the other required areas of research and development such as staff hiring and training resulting in better customer service, business upgrades and repairs.

Naturally apart from saving on utility bills, businesses will also be ensuring good quality meals when food is stored at correct  temperatures. The chances of refridgerated foods deteriorating and hence having to be discarded will be reduced. The United Nations  estimate that approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food produce is wasted and discarded every year throughout the world. The food Monitoring System can be a great asset in reducing food wastage. A proper food Monitoring System will assist businesses to secure the food for a long period of time.

The food Monitoring System is also a fantastic tool for Aged Care Facilities, with this new innovative technology, Aged Care Catering Staff can be confident they are producing good quality, healthy and food safety meals for their Residents. IMonitoring Software is the answer to your Food Safety requirements.