Complete Digital Dietary System

HDS provides reliable solution in managing complex dietary requirements in Aged Care Industry

HDS Aged Care software in Australia

Benefits of Product

HDS is efficient, user friendly, easy to learn aged care software systems designed by industry experts and chefs in alleviating intense aged care kitchen operations. HDS eliminates all paperwork and provides environment friendly digital platform to maintain residents diet profile and catering related reports & lists.

  • Multi-platform

    HDS is a web-based application that provides flexibility and adoptability to work on various platform (Android, iOS, Windows)

  • Boost performance

    Our user friendly & easy to learn software allows users to access resident dietary information using a tap on computer screen/tablet(iPad).

  • Highly customizable

    HDS can easily be customized to meet your unique business needs.

  • Establish Efficiency

    Our Digitally advanced software can provide great efficiency in maintaining resident diet profile, drink lists, lunch/dinner summaries and much more

  • Eliminate Printing & Paper costs

    No need to carry paper-based reports since all reports are available on your computer device instantly

  • Keep diet information updated at all time

    Update resident data in one place and HDS will update all relevant forms automatically

  • Diet Change Notification

    Eliminate possible communication gap by generating an alert message to all users to notify them about a diet change

  • Enter residents’ Meal Choices in real time

    Take meal orders on iPad & production report is generated in real time

  • Data integrity

    Multiple category of users to allow limited / full access to system

  • NO IT set up required

    HDS is a web-based application that requires no downloads or installations. Just Log in and get going

  • Extremely user friendly

    You do not need to be an IT expert to use HDS. HDS designed for users with very limited computer knowledge

  • No contracts/No cancellation charges

    Flexibility to go on monthly subscription

  • 365 Days a year technical support

    Call us any day of the year to get support

Best Features

Our complete digital dietary system removes handwritten paper forms and replaces with environment friendly fast and reliable digital forms which maintains essential reports such a resident breakfast summary/ breakfast preparation list, Toast lists, Supplements / Thickened Drink list, Tea / Coffee lists for morning afternoon tea, Lunch & Dinner Summaries, Allergies and Dislikes list and many more helpful reports. User is able to use a computer screen / tablet (iPad) to generate report and run meal services. Residents meal preference can also be recorded through iPads which instantly populates the production report for chefs. Digital platform allows user to keep resident diet profile tidy and updated at all times.
User can generate an alert message when diet changes are made, eliminating any communication gap between staff / department. This unique feature helps ensure that all staff are aware of any changes to residents’ diet profile. Each user is assigned with individual log ins and must read all notifications before duty starts. HDS constantly pushes notifications on screen until user acknowledges the alert message. All notifications are saved online for future reference. “Notifications” feature comes in very handy for staff who may have been away on holiday and need to catch up on all changes that may have occurred during their absence.
HDS is quite confident out of all aged care software vendors in providing reliable solution in managing complex dietary requirements. HDS updates all relevant forms/reports & lists instantly once residents diet profile is updated. With diet requirements getting more complex & specific, it is imperative to have tools that helps keep records updated with minimum efforts. HDS makes it very easy to update residents’ diet profile, since most of the data is available as dropdown or check boxes. It takes literally seconds to change texture, fluid consistency, breakfast specifics, meal preference etc. HDS reports can be generated in room or table number sorting to help manage in room or dining room services.

500+ Users

  • 500+ Downloaded
  • 100+ Window user
  • 150+ Android user
  • 150+ iOs User

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How it works ?

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    No need to download

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    Yes - As simple as Log in and Use

Product Screenshots

  • Daily Meal Choice Data


  • Simon Corbett

    Hotel Services Manager - Lyndoch Living

  • Martin Sammut

    CEO - Assisi Centre

  • Annette Noyes

    Chef Manager - AdventCare Yarra Ranges

  • Nicholas Belotti

    Chef Manager - Assisi Centre


Yes. We can organize a CSV file “Dump & Fetch” to publish same information in both Clinical system & HDS
Yes. All communication between your local device and our server are encrypted. Our secure servers are located in Australia. We also have regular 24-hour automated backups for our data.
Yes. You do not need any special computer knowledge/skills to use HDS. HDS has the most simplified frontend with technologically advanced backend for your support
Yes. We are available to help you any day of the year. Our tech support is only a phone call away, 365 days a year.
NO. HDS is based on monthly subscription. There is no lock in contracts or cancellation fees. Simply 15 days’ notice is required to cease our services

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